Professional liability insurance

Brand Broker offers a full range of standard and customised insurance solutions for Freelancers, Associations, Associated Firms And Companies.
  • All-Risks formula in Claims-Made mode
  • Liability limits up to 10 million Euro
  • Additional conditions always valid:
    • Joint liability
    • Practice management
  • Territorial validity: even the Whole World
Technical Area

Agronomists, Agrotechnicians, Architects, Chemists, Safety consultants, Geologists, Surveyors, Engineers, Information Technology: IT and Technology Services (Media Tech®), Merloni Law External Planning, Merloni Law External Validation, Building Technicians, Industrial Technicians, Restorers

Accountancy Area

Financial Business Agents, Chartered Accountants, Labour Consultants, Insurance Intermediaries, Credit Brokers, Auditor endorsement

Legal Area

Lawyers, Mediation Bodies and Freelance Mediators, Attestation Bodies, (SOA), Certification Bodies (CISQ)

Non-regulated professions

As an example without limitation: Building Administrator, Personnel Trainer, Oenologist, Business Consultant, Family Consultant, Professional Educator, Archaeologist, Administrator, Organisation and Management of Social Services, Interior Design Architect, Interior Decorator, Ergonomist, Photographer, Geographer, Motivator, Translator, Import-Export Technician, Pharmaceutical Representative, Product Designer, Graphologist, Supplier-Buyer Chain Manager, Computer System Designer, Pedagogue, Quality Control Technician, Webmaster, Pedologist, Tourism Promoter, Advertising Editor and Art Director.