Risk Manager

Brand Broker creates consolidated partnerships, works with the best on the markets, and provides its clients, its colleagues and their companies with this service with a market leader who is able to analyse in detail the company, its requirements, its characteristics and what to transfer to the insurance market in what way and when, all in total synergy with the client's broker and with the help of our structure.

The result:

a correct and comprehensive "Risk Management" where risk means the probability of occurrence of all those events that may lead to losses or damages for the company and the people involved (e.g. damage to structures, damage to individuals, economic damage or damage to image).

The first fundamental step in risk management is to know the risks in advance (which are the potentially damaging events, how often they can occur and what impact they can have). Without knowing the risk, there is no possibility for preparing or taking improved corrective and preventive actions. This risk assessment phase must necessarily be a continuous process aimed at improvement since, over time, external or internal risk factors may change and must include a forecast of the costs of risk management, in terms of economic resources, capacity and means. The risk management costs must clearly not exceed the costs of any damage caused by the materialisation of the risk.

In the most delicate phase of the insured/insurer relationship, our RISK MANAGER, through his knowledge and analysis of the client, together with the respective broker, is able to manage the claim phase, implementing all the management, containment and support processes for the client and the insurer to correctly quantify the damage.

The result? Settlement times among the lowest on the insurance market, total negotiation with the insurer of the damage and only once the amount has been quantified for the client the report from the risk manager is issued, who always leaves the final decision to the client on whether to accept the agreed amount, while providing the client with all the economic, legal and analysis tools for the signed policy that are useful for correct final assessments.

Our RISK MANAGER Antonino Librici, introducing you as colleagues and partners of BRAND BROKER SRL is at your disposal.

Antonino Librici

Born in Friuli in 1955, he has a degree in law.

After a career at Meie Assicurazioni, Captive Gruppo IRI-STET as Liquidator and International Reinsurance Officer, he has been working successfully for years as an Insurance Broker.
He chose the activity of Risk Manager associated with ANRA and in this field he boasts cooperation with leading companies in various sectors of industrial activity, he has expertise in the field of complex and architecturally valuable civil buildings and he is also a member of the Study Centre of ANACI Veneto- National Association of Property Administrators, Veneto Region section.
He deals with Clinical Risk Management in the medical field.

He has over twenty years’ experience and operates internationally with a network of correspondents, also in damage and product evaluation, as well as insurance placement. He is able to assess the risks of a Corporate Organisation at a global level, whether of a strategic, financial or operational nature.

He collaborates closely with an engineering firm for all risk assessments related to product certification and machine manuals, as well as safety risk assessments.

He also works closely with professionals in the area of financial and balance sheet risk analysis.

His activity is based on a process of mapping, analysing and evaluating risks: This process allows to increase the level of risk awareness, including strategic risks such as damage to image; it is able to propose and decide on the possible implementation of preventive measures to reduce the frequency of damaging events and, last but not least, it suggests what to insure and to what extent to self-insure the risk, making it possible to know how much is excluded from the existing insurance coverage so that it becomes a subject of constant monitoring with a view to containing the relevant cost centre.

Legale department

Brand Broker's partner law firm, through careful analysis of client requirements and partnership with our company, is highly specialised in debt recovery, corporate law, family law, labour law and administrative law with a particular focus on tax and fiscal assistance in the corporate sector.

The partners in the Firm have acquired specific skills in over more than 30 years of working with renowned international partners.

Each of our policies, agreements, new products and services is reviewed and approved by the firm's lawyers to ensure that we offer our partners the best insurance products on the market.

Below you will find all contact details for contacting them to discuss various issues related to the aforementioned aspects.

Ms Giuseppina Muscio
Mr Salvatore Smiroldo, Lawyer
Ms Anna Berra, Lawyer
Mr Christian Tortorelli
Mr Erol Garbin, Accountant (EXTERNAL AUDITOR)

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